Attention, Nerds: Emory University is now nerd-free. You are not welcome there. Take your anti-jock jibes and hi-tech robot sprinklers elsewhere.

Yup, Emory has belated decided it doesn’t want the Revenge of the Nerds remake filming on its campus. Possibly something about raunchiness? (VHS technology has not yet come to Emory: They had no way of vetting the original, pictured, for inapproriate content.) Anyway, all’s well with this new development… except that much of the film has already been shot. Yike. It’s as if Ogre were just made Dean or something.

College PopWatchers, this is your moment. It’s time to draft a petition. You’re college students, you ought to be good at that. Here’s the angle: Below, I want you to tell me (and thus, the world, and also Canada) why your educational institution deserves to host Booger and Co. in their new incarnation. Be brief, be literate, be nerdy, and please, please, PLEASE use the phrase “hair pie.”

addCredit(“Revenge of the Nerds: Everett Collection”)