By Scott Brown
Updated November 01, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

At this point, Hollywood has furnished so many signs of the Apocalypse, the Apocalypse has only itself to blame for not actually happening. And yet, there’s always room for one more portent. Here it is, folks, and it’s a biggie: Jessica Friggin’ Simpson (pictured, right) is angling to star in a Working Girl remake. “I’m so excited about it,” she says, “People are going to laugh.”

Yes they will, Simpsie. They may cry, too. I know I get a little misty when I think of my favorite shoulder-padded, Carly Simon-driven fempowerment fantasy vitiated by your bubbleheadedness. This is… frankly, unnatural. There’s already been one “homage” to the 1988 Melanie Griffith (left) classic (seen here in the original Czech), the loathsome Little Black Book. Do we really need another demonstration of classical feminism’s devolution?

You tell me, Popwatchers. You tell me. Meanwhile, I’ll call Ashton Kutcher and see if he’s ready to stpe into Harrison Ford’s shoes. Verily, we live in diminished times.

addCredit(“Working Girl: The Kobal Collection; Jessica Simpson: Jamie McCarthy/”)