By Annie Barrett
Updated October 27, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
Ashley Judd, Come Early Morning

Who says there are no juicy roles for actresses? Check out these three movie trailers:

Come Early Morning (Nov. 10) With no makeup and an low-key Old Navy summer sale wardrobe, Ashley Judd (pictured) seems an unlikely candidate to be the small-town sleaze. But don’t you see, that’s what makes her so lovable. Joey Lauren Adams directed what looks like a charming, understated, feel-good flick.

Notes on a Scandal(Dec. 25) Cate Blanchett, the new art teacher at Judi Dench’s privateschool, has an affair with a student who calls her “Miss.” (Hot!) We see the womenbecome friends, hand-holders, people who slam each other into furniture thatwould probably auction very well on Cash in the Attic, and possibly…lovers. According to Jude, anyway. Merry Christmas.

Premonition (March 16) Sandra Bullock just can’t get enough of the “losing your lover in a confusing time-space continuum” genre. Is her husband dead? She just woke up next to him. That wasn’t him. He’s alive! He’s dead. He’s in the shower! The best part is when she writes on her calendar, “Jim dies!!!” in a different marker color than all the other days. I personally would have marked this event with a frantic scribble, or maybe a big fat X. But hey, when in a Sandra Bullock movie…