The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

By Adam B. Vary
Updated October 27, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

+ Jennifer Aniston will produce and likely star in Counter Clockwise, a true story based on a 1979 study by Harvard psychology prof Ellen Langer, who isolated a group of elderly men for two weeks in a location made to resemble 1959. The result? ”Eyesight got better,” says Kristin Hahn, Aniston’s producing partner. ”Physical conditions improved. People got taller.” Let’s see Botox pull that off.

+ Speaking of evil agents, Live Free or Die Hard has its villain, Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant. ”I am the mastermind of a cyber-terrorism plot,” says Olyphant. ”I’ll have to learn some new fancy tech words, but I know all about acting like a badass.”

+ Eddie Murphy is set for Starship Dave, about — deep breath — a human-size, Murphy-shaped spaceship piloted by tiny humanlike aliens led by a miniature Eddie Murphy. (Phew!) Explains director Brian Robbins, who just helmed the February ’07 Murphy comedy Norbit: ”The little Eddie gets thrown out of the ship and stranded in Manhattan.”