October 26, 2006 at 09:48 PM EDT

It’s so natural, it’s a wonder no one’s thought of it before: Wes Anderson (pictured) will adapt Roald Dahl (The Fantastic Mr. Fox, to be precise). Anderson can finally embrace a role he’s been hopscotching toward for years: Wry children’s fabulist. And Dahl can… well, Dahl can be assured he won’t spin in his grave, Seuss-style. (Qualitatively, I’d say his screen adaptations fared better than the good doctor’s. With some notable exceptions.)

Fox will be animated, and that animation will be primarily stop-motion, the kind Anderson claymated with live action in The Life Aquatic (official endpoint of his long romance with critics). Is there a family involved? Yup. Family of stop-motion foxes. It practically comes with its own Mark Mothersbaugh score.

Childlike adults will be heartbroken, of course, losing their quirkster-in-chief to nasty, grubby-fingered actual friggin’ children. But they’ll have Anderson’s next pic, The Darjeeling Limited, to keep them warm at night. What’s more, Anderson has, as a goodwill gesture, promised to read a bedtime story to every single adult citizen of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each will get a full and enthusiastic reading of The BFG (“with the voices”) and a sweetly quasironic forehead kiss.

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