October 26, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

The O.C. premieres next Thursday, and don’t think I’m going to let you forget it! Then again, neither is Fox. The season premiere went up on MySpace today. (Do we even need TV anymore?) Right now it’s only working on Windows, but check back later. And YouTube’s hosting a mysteriously well-produced commercial for Summer’s new college buddy’s campaign for student body president.

I’ve seen the first four eps of Season 4, and they are good. Really good. Like, Marissa Cooper dying good. Here’s a few spoilers (after the jump), in case technical difficulties or “having a job” has got you down:

Seth (Adam Brody, pictured): Only hangs out with adults now. Enjoyscold cuts. With Summer’s help, orchestrates an incredibly sappy (but ifyou’re like me, awesome) slideshow intervention as the Cohens try to coax Ryan back into their pad thai-encrusted embrace yet again. Will it work?!

Ryan: Underground fighter. Seemingly comatose when not in the ring,but only because he can’t get over his lady love, the bag o’ bones.Don’t worry — Julie can “help.”

Summer: Actually went to college. Hilarious, all-new wardrobe youhave to see to believe. Cold to Seth. Warm to poultry rights and alocal campus activist named — yes, really — Che. MVP of the premiere.

Julie: Legitimately comatose, yet still funny. Into yardwork, pills. Wants Ryan to kill Volchok.

Taylor: Married a rich French dude. Antics will ensue! So glad she’s a regular.

Polar bears are dying. Goodbye.

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