On ''Veronica Mars,'' our heroine exonerates the fraternity boys in the latest rape case; plus, a reporter poses as Logan's long-lost relative

By Tanner Stransky
Updated October 25, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Veronica Mars: Michael Desmond

”Veronica Mars”: Working for the enemy

Poor, poor Logan — it was another hard week for him. As if having dinner with Veronica’s dad weren’t bad enough (really, Veronica was a tad oversensitive about the harmless conversation), he met someone who he thought was his half brother, Charlie Stone, after some super-sleuthing by Veronica (using her mad skills on the strangely Google-looking Planet Zowie search engine). But, as with nearly everything related to Logan’s family life, this reunion quickly turned sour. ”Charlie” ended up being a fake — a Vanity Fair writer looking for inside dirt on the Echolls-family drama. And this was after Logan put himself out there (read: bad boy being vulnerable) and bonded with the guy. I got justifiably excited when Logan laid the reporter out on the beach. The drained Logan sadly continued to leave voice-mails for the real Charlie, to no avail.

With Mac still MIA (away for a funeral), spastic Piz possibly lost somewhere in the radio studio, and the very missed Wallace only showing up in one throwaway library scene, other non-Veronica action focused on her dad’s latest case. Enrico Colantoni (Keith) reunited with his Just Shoot Me costar Laura San Giacomo, who played suspicious wife Harmony. Their characters dated on Just Shoot Me, so the romantic subtext in their VM interaction seemed fitting and natural. Yes, Harmony was a bit needy, but she thought her husband was cheating on her. If her marriage doesn’t work out, Keith has been needing another love interest since things blew up with Wallace’s mom.

Back at Hearst, where the rape mystery is still swirling and the victims are pointing fingers at frat boys, Veronica was determined to crack the case. In a twist, she was hired by the Pi Sigs to restore their, er, good name. Although she intended to use the job to dig up dirt on the frat, she ended up proving that none of the brothers actually committed the latest crime. Hilariously, she went investigating in a pants suit, telling her dad, with a patented Veronica deadpan, ”Bland is the new hot.”

I’m feeling a bit more invested in the big-ticket mystery at this point. Now that Dick is seemingly out of the picture, who else could be the perp? Could the Asian guy from the ATM photo be the key? And if the Pi Sig connection is a coincidence, what is the other common denominator among all the girls who have been raped, besides being female and going to Hearst?

It’s been widely reported that the show will have no more season-long mysteries and that the first big story line will be wrapped up in the first nine episodes. This being episode 4, we’re not even halfway there! That means a lot more dead ends.

But enough of my chatter: What do you think? Did you spot any other clues? Should Logan try to cultivate a relationship with his real half brother or would that just lead to more hurt? And what, exactly, was Veronica dressed up as for Halloween in next week’s teaser? Was she Veronica from the Archie comics?

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