On ''Prison Break,'' Michael and Sucre's plot to take all the money fails, then Michael has to keep Sucre from drowning; plus, we learn Mahone is part of the big conspiracy

By Kate Sullivan
October 24, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
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”Prison Break”: The fugitives betray each other

Did Mahone really think Internal Affairs wasn’t going to investigate Tweener’s death? Come on, Mahone was alone with a supposedly handcuffed kid who ended up shot at point-blank range. Of course Internal Affairs is there! (I’m sorry, I know some viewers still don’t believe it, but Tweener is dead. As much as I’d love to see him and Freckles the college girl live happily ever after, Apolskis took three bullets. He’s dead. We need to help each other move on.)

Move on to the fastest episode ever, that somehow still managed to encompass the longest, most uncomfortable underwater scene ever. After PB‘s baseball-induced hiatus, we came back to Michael and Sucre discovering that getting out of an actual river was almost as hard as getting out of Fox River.

When Michael said, ”Sorry, buddy, it’s stuck,” after that tree trapped Sucre’s leg, I was terrified that Sucre was going to let himself die. He already felt his life was worthless. And sacrificing himself for Michael’s freedom would have been a noble and easy way out. But displaying loyalty and self-sacrifice is always rewarded on Prison Break. (Except for the cases of Westmoreland, Sara’s dad, and LJ’s bullet-ridden stepfather. Hmm?better strike that theory.) Not only did Sucre and Michael get away (albeit without cash), but Sucre also found out that Maricruz did not marry Hector. (Though apparently he doesn’t know she’s on The Nine yet. I wonder if there will be a new actress playing Maricruz if they ever reunite.)

Kudos to all of the message-board posters who thought Sucre and Michael were in cahoots. The plan for Sucre, the brothers, and Westmoreland’s daughter to get shares of the money, and for C-Note to find a check in the mail if he ever got home again, was a good to way to cut T-Bag out of the loop. And while we’d all want that to happen in the real world, in the Prison Break world, aren’t you a little glad that T-Bag got the money (for now at least)? This way T-Bag will stay in the major story lines for at least a few episodes. Not only will Michael be trying to reclaim his loot, but Bellick is on the hunt too. (And the feds would be looking for him anyway.)

Speaking of the feds, let’s talk Mahone again. How does a guy go from infantry grunt to Gulf I Special Ops to FBI agent leading a big manhunt? He does a lot of things that warrant Sharpie marks on his permanent record. Things that make him say, ”Looks like you need to work on your clearance level, Dick.” (Don’t you love it when characters are conveniently named Richard?) And then we see it, Mahone and Kellerman, sitting in a car! (It was a very car-heavy last 20 minutes. Linc and LJ were riding together; T-Bag was driving a pick-up headed for his ex-girlfriend’s place; and Michael and Sucre were looking for wheels of their own.) Anyway, so Mahone isn’t purely driven by competitiveness with Michael, or by a haunting older case.

The show’s writers tried to make Mahone sort of a good guy again by making him question the need to slaughter all of the escapees. He seems to think Michael and Lincoln deserve to be punished, so perhaps if he discovers that they don’t, the boys will have a powerful (and crazy) ally. Still, he’s not the Tommy Lee Jones that many fans were hoping would appear in the second season.

I liked that the episode re-established that Kellerman is evil. He said, ”It’s the father you want” to the other feds, but he didn’t care that LJ’s mother and stepfather were innocent victims, so he certainly doesn’t care if LJ dies. He just wants Lincoln to be captured before it happens. And he doesn’t want Sara to die because he wants to get to Michael. I don’t believe he has romantic feelings for her, even if they did seem to have a friendship. Ultimately, Kellerman is a man who wants to do his job. There is some question as to how much he knows about his job; certainly the president has not kept him fully apprised. But he’s evil even if he doesn’t know why he’s doing evil things. He volunteered for a life posing as a jerky salesman, and there’s no turning back.

There is no turning back for Sara either. She is nearly friendless. (It took her way too long to figure out that her father’s pal Bruce sent the gunman to her pay phone, but I think it’s fair to chock that up to shock. The conspiracy world is still new to her.) Now that Sara is skipping bail, she’s officially a fugitive, on the lam with a new identity. (My roommate poked his head out his room when I screamed: ”She’s totally going to steal that dead girl’s ID!”) But will she find Michael?

This episode’s highlights: Linc paying a meth addict to kick the crap out of his teenage son, and Bellick calling his mom for a ride and some cash. In next week’s episode, Michael and Mahone become phone buddies (well, Michael needs to talk to someone, since his all-swan pen-pal relationship with Sara isn’t working out), and C-Note’s wife is feeling some heat to roll on her husband. It’s good to have you back, Prison Break!

So what do you think? Will Bellick find T-Bag before he reaches his ex’s familiar front steps? What did Michael hand Sucre when he said, ”In case you run into trouble down the road”? And why is Michael going to phone Mahone?

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  • 08/29/05
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