By EW Staff
October 24, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

America’s No. 1 real-time counter-terrorism drama, 24, will return with an all new season on Jan. 14. To make the wait a little more bearable, Fox premiered a special extended ”Day Six” trailer with a publicity hurrah down in Times Square today (you can also watch it here). The studio enlisted the help of about 20 “CTU agents” to pass out show goodies (I got a spiffy radio) and to direct folks onto a crowded traffic island to watch the preview on a giant Astrovision screen.

A brief synopsis (SPOILER ALERT): While Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland, pictured) does manage to escape the Chinese captors who imprisoned him at the end of last season, there’s not much time to celebrate because cities across the U.S. have been targeted by a devastating series of terrorist attacks! And of course only our man Jack stands to stop it. However, the violence can cease on one condition: Jack. Must. Die.

How will Jack get himself out of this latest pickle? Will he indeed be sacrificed for world peace? Something tells me that Mr. Bauer will stick around to save the day at least a few more times, but the new season definitely looks to be as jolting a ride as those before it. Stay tuned.