J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers

By EW Staff
October 24, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
J. Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers: Michael Ochs Archives.com

Chart Flashback: How does ”Last Kiss” hold up today?

So J. Frank’s version of this song about a really bad car crash has fairly effectively been rendered obsolete by the Pearl Jam cover, but there is something really amazing going on here, namely the ghost voice of the dead girlfriend singing backup in the chorus. I wish I could find a free mp3 online for you kids, because it’s tremendous. Freakin’ eerie, really. And sounds a little like Yma Sumac, who I find equally creepy. But even with Ghost Yma’s contribution, I must admit I find this song a bit dull, albeit dull in that pleasant old-timey way that makes it really hard to complain. I can see where listening to this sort of music kept everyone nice and oppressed for a while back there. C+