The Supremes

By EW Staff
October 24, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
The Supremes: Photofest

Chart Flashback: How does ”Baby Love” hold up today?

Is there anything more sublime than Diana Ross’ vocals on this song? They are like cotton candy on a cloud, like a pony ride through a forest of strawberry shortcake, like bunny-rabbit slippers that come to life and nuzzle your nose. Add in some twinkly piano, some soft vibes, and a deep, dark sax and you’ve got a retro masterpiece. My goodness, it makes me want to wear pearls and long gloves and swoon around my office… except in a really depressed way, because kids, this is not a happy song. The woman is damn near suicidal about her lost love, begging for him to return, and the way Diana understates that quiet desperation is just so perfectly mournful. Although in this clip, it looks like Ms. Ross is mostly just trying not to look at the white folks dance. A