Stephen King talks about his new novel

By Gilbert Cruz
Updated October 20, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Stephen King on ”Lisey’s Story”

Comfortable with giving fans the jitters, Stephen King is having his own case of the shakes over his latest opus, Lisey’s Story. ”I’m not so concerned that they’ll buy it,” the über-best-selling writer and Entertainment Weekly back-page columnist admits. ”I’m concerned that they won’t like it.”

The novel, which stars the titular Lisey — widow of a King-esque blockbuster author — is a story about marriage and fidelity, the dark places writers go to find their material, and the even darker people who stalk those writers. ”It’s also a love story, and I’ve never tried that before,” King says. ”I saw a chance to touch an audience that normally stays away from my books.”

Perhaps because he’s written plenty of horror tales, or because he’s occasionally been snubbed by upturned-nose literary types, King decided to attempt something new and more ambitious. ”The only two choices I have are to continue to try and grow as an artist or to do one version of Cell after another,” says King, referring to last January’s zombie novel. ”And I definitely don’t want to do that.”