The former lives of ''Survivor'' contestants -- EW picks notable appearances by ''Cook Islands'' cast members

By Dalton Ross
Updated October 20, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

The former lives of ”Survivor” contestants

Sundra Oakley
The race relations on Survivor are positively tame compared with Sundra’s stint on Sex, where (as restaurant owner Adeena Williams) she informs Samantha that ”I have a problem with my only brother getting serious with a white woman.” This leads to racial slurs and an incredible catfight between the two that demands to be watched over and over again in slow motion.

Jonathan Penner
THE TICK (2001)
Showcasing his impressive range, Jonathan plays both shady lawyer Steve Philbert and his superhero alter ego, Champion, in the short-lived Fox series. Seemingly a magnet for controversy, Philbert runs the prestigious League of Superheroes, which is being sued for — you guessed it — discrimination. It’s a truly nuanced performance that calls to mind…oh, forget it. Just look at that hair!

Jonathan Penner
Penner! Again! Hitting up yet another culty Fox sitcom, Jonathan plays a cop questioning Michael about Kitty’s disappearance (although the Bluth clan does not cave in as easily as Flica). And while no baby birds are discovered, Penner does display his soft side: His character lets his kid sit in on questioning as part of Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Awwww.

Oscar Lusth
Playboy TV’s reality dating show features two girls and two guys spending 24 hours in a mansion where anything goes. In Ozzy’s case, ”anything” includes having sex…with both women! (No discriminating here.) He also offers up an early glimpse as to his current domination of Survivor water-based challenges by dexterously hooking up in a hot tub.