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By EW Staff
Updated October 20, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Heavenly Creature
How wonderful to see the lovely Kate Winslet on your cover. The media is so quick to talk about her being atypical in Hollywood because of her not-so-skinny physique (which makes most women cheer), but what I find most appealing is that she seems to be, simply, a regular person.
Lori Effinger
Centerville, Ohio

Forget Them Not
Kudos for your article ”Hollywood vs. Women.” But why no mention of Angela Bassett, Jennifer Lopez, and countless other women of color?
Porscha Roney

Where’s Woody?
It’s odd that your list of ”directors who make actresses shine” included Lars von Trier, whose films often portray women being demeaned. At the same time, you ignored Woody Allen, whose female actors have won four Oscars.
John V. Smith
New Milford, Conn.

Grace Under Fire
Amen to Stephen King’s column on Nancy Grace (”Graceless and Tasteless”). I’d given up on seeing unbiased reporting by Ms. Grace long ago. Her arrogance undermines everything a reputable news network should represent.
Bob Lentz
Randolph, N.J.

Comedy of Errors
Nice job of letting industry insiders speak honestly about the sad world of sitcoms (News & Notes). One aspect that they failed to mention is the audience. When viewers ignore shows like Scrubs and Arrested Development and tune in for Two and a Half Men and The New Adventures of Old Christine, it’s no wonder the networks are more interested in bland material. Networks need to take more chances and look at something besides the numbers, or this drought won’t be ending anytime soon.
Eric Endres
Menasha, Wis.


What is the finest drama on British TV today? According to Dave Chambers of Clayton, Del., it is…Doctor Who. (That was, um, our 27th guess.) Now airing on Sci Fi Channel, the latest iteration of the classic series, he assures us, is ”not the wobbly-set, zipper-up-the-monster’s-back show it once was.” (What? We loved those zippers!) ”How ’bout promoting Doctor Who in an upcoming issue?” Dave asks. You just did, sir, you just did.