By Annie Barrett
Updated October 19, 2006 at 11:57 PM EDT

Two themes dominated last night’s episode of The Nine: cell phones and children. (Specifically, ABC would like you to please buy pink Motorola RAZRs for your children.) We found out what really happened as Felicia (Dana Davis, pictured) tried her mightiest to place a 911 call from the bank, and Kathryn’s love affair with her cell in such unlikely places as a doc’s waiting room (who cares?) and a coutroom (why didn’t anyone care?) enabled her to donate equal amounts of her panic-stricken faces to her job and Lizzie. I like that Kathryn’s becoming more human and relaxed — she’ll probably want to continue popping tranqulizers. (Speculation! Not sure about that.)

Also: kids. So many kids. The increasingly likeable Franny lost control of young Ricky, who locked himself in his room and did something involving broken glass. Lizzie had a miscarriage scare and ended up telling Jeremy about the baby. Egan Foote — who can stop explaining how to spell his name to people who don’t care any day now — suddenly wants a child, but his wife isn’t havin’ it, in more ways than one. And the episode centered around the captivating Felicia, who visited a hypnotherapist to remember what happened during the robbery, then shared a tense screaming match with dad Malcolm. The haunting flashbacks were great this week, and I liked that we viewers saw what really happened well before Felicia learned about it. Hopefully, that’ll become a recurring motif.

This week in “The Nine Ruined This Song For Me”: Eganlistened to one of my faves, ELO’s “Do Ya,” while gulping through ajazzercise routine that was reminiscient of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty,except it was 1000x lamer. I’m still not buying something about Egan’sover-the-top positive attitude, especially when it’s focused on beingreally excited about visiting an employment agency.

The nine were in the bank 52 hours, of which the show’s onlyaddressed five or so minutes. And yet I’m still really into it, andwill continue to be as long as next week’s flashbacks don’t involveKathryn’s mom cleaning Egan’s glasses in a drugged-down stupor. Whatabout you, PopWatchers? Still watching?