By Scott Brown
Updated October 19, 2006 at 08:38 PM EDT

Anyone hoping for an all-out Kazakh fatwa on Borat (and his creator, Sacha Baron Cohen) is likely to be disappointed today. The mood has taken a turn for the conciliatory.

“I’d like to invite Cohen here,” said Kazakhstan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Rakhat Aliyev. “He can discover a lot of things. Women drive cars, wine is made of grapes, and Jews are free to go to synagogues.”

Wow… that’s… well… wow. “Wine is made of grapes.” You tell ’em, Deputy Foreign Minister! You tell ’em how Kazakhs don’t really quaff horse urine! It’s sort of like saying, “Come to the American South! You’ll (probably) see minorities walking the streets without fear (in their own neighborhoods)!” C’mon, Deputy Foreign Minister! Olive branches clearly aren’t your strong suit. Let’s step up the vitriol. That was more fun.

We wait, with bated breath, for the Borat response.

(Hey, did we use that picture of the bathing suit again? I know how much y’all love that one.)

(Um, no, Scott, we didn’t. It’s lunchtime. People are eating. — Ed.)