By Michael Slezak
Updated October 18, 2006 at 08:08 PM EDT

I’m so excited about seeing The Prestige (featuring Christian Bale, pictured) this weekend that I’ve taken to tormenting my husband with my very bad Michael Caine impersonation: “Dat’s why dere’s a thuhrd act, caw’d The Presteeege.” (I told you it was bad!) One thing I won’t be doing, though, is reading reviews of the film prior to attending. It’s pretty much my policy these days when it comes to twisty thrillers that I’d planned on seeing regardless of critical response. After all, aren’t the surprises in this genre half the fun? I figure the less information I’ve got going in, the more enjoyable the film will be. What’s more, the Film Fatale blog notes that, “Despite the entreaties of Touchstone’s PR reps, critics can’t help spoiling some of the dueling-magician thriller’s finest surprises.” So here’s a couple questions for you, PopWatchers: Are any of you adopting my policy and avoiding your favorite critics until after you’ve seen The Prestige? And have you read any massive spoilers in a recent film review that killed the whole moviegoing experience for you? Holla back!