By Whitney Pastorek
Updated October 18, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Well, kids, this is it: tonight is the finale of Project Runway. What will happen?? Who will win?? Will Jeffrey be kicked out on a technicality?? Will Michael choke as badly as it seems like he might?? Will Top American Designer Michael Kors finally smack the life out of that uppity snit Nina Garcia?? Will Laura’s husband burst through the back wall of the soundstage with a beaker in his hand and yell, “SCIENCE!!”?? So many questions…

And here’s one last scandal to take with you as we say goodbye: Clarissa Anderson, one of the remaining four models (she’s with Michael), told her hometown Milwaukee paper yesterday that the PR models don’t get paid, they just get free food. Come again? I have never felt sorry for a model in all my life, but that’s enough to make me almost (almost) pity these girls. (And is the free food what secretly led to the downfall of cute cute Alison via her “plus-size” model, Alexandra, pictured?)

Anyway. So who’s gonna win? My money, as it has been almost the entire time, is on Jeffrey. Yes, he’s a jerkwad who probably cheated. But you know what? It’s called show business, honey, it ain’t called show-fun, and that boy knows exactly what he’s doing, on every level. And now, please vehemently disagree with me/call me names in the comments section.

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