On ''Weeds,'' both Nancy's former supplier and her DEA man put pressure on her; plus, Andy's crazy ex comes to town

By Hannah Tucker
Updated October 17, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT


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”Weeds”: Nancy is attacked from all sides

With only two episodes left this season (oh, but I’m dreading the psychological withdrawal symptoms already), Nancy finally realizes that, in the drug business, no good deed goes unpunished. Years of suburban socialization meant that Mrs. Botwin partially expected that Heylia would be grateful for being tipped off about the DEA raid or might even bake one of her (in)famous bean pies. But instead of thanks, Heylia serves up a threat: Get out of the weed business or we’ll weed you out of it ourselves.

Nancy is sufficiently shaken up to listen to Conrad’s (as usual) sound advice that she should get while the getting’s good, but 20-some minutes later she’s back in, and in deeper than before. What happened? Feeling that she has had no control over her life since Judah died, Nancy (as Conrad also points out) has fallen into a dangerous pattern. Rather than try to prevent crises, Nancy simply reacts to them. And while those reactions are often brilliant (see exhibits A and B: Expedient Vegas Wedding and Armenian Mafia Containment), these individual triumphs have distracted her from the fact that dealing was supposed to be a temporary solution. I’m not moralizing — it’s just that I don’t believe Nancy woke up one morning and decided she really truly deeply wanted to sell bags of sticky, green, smokable fun until her retirement.

And speaking of the aforementioned Vegas wedding, her union with Peter seems a lot less practical now, doesn’t it? (On the other hand, that fancy phone-tapping equipment he’s using to listen in on her and Conrad is quite practical indeed.) I have a feeling that Silas, motivated by his desire both to prove he’d be a useful addition to his mom’s business and to exact revenge for the elbow-slamming incident, may be instrumental in exposing Peter’s snooping.

Now, a few things in this episode that thrilled me to no end. First: adulterous Celia reading a copy of Good in Bed right before she learns Dean hasn’t forgotten their anniversary after all. Second: Agrestic’s new security cameras catching a naked, Segway-riding senior citizen when so much legitimate shadiness abounds. And, saving the best for last: Zooey Deschanel as Andy’s loopy, memoir-scribbling, Tabasco-sauce-craving, possibly homicidal ex-girlfriend. Forget a recurring Snoop Dogg cameo, Zooey would be a great addition as a regular character.

Questions for next time: Do Heylia and Peter really have enough nerve to make a move against Nancy? Will Celia and Doug get caught? Will Lupita and Megan ever resurface? Anyone have a good paella recipe?

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