By Michael Slezak
October 17, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
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My colleague Scott Brown posted a link yesterday afternoon to an interview with Heroes creator Tim Kring, in which he noted some of the titular characters “will be tempted by the dark side” this season. And — bam! — just like that, last night’s episode finds most of ’em doing exactly that. If it wasn’t Isaac (once again) shooting up (and getting all milky-eyed, like Storm), or Niki (the terrific Ali Larter) seducing Nathan on camera to pay off her debt, there was Hiro using his power of teleportation to hilariously cheat at poker and buy designer suits. (Loved Ando’s rationalization, “Is Peter Parker cheating when he sells pictures of Spider- Man?”) And let’s not forget last night’s most illegal (and most justifiable) hero-perpetrated crime: indestructible Claire driving serial rapist Brody (remember him on Commander in Chief last year?) right into a brick wall. I let out an unabashed “Woot!” when, responding to Brody’s creepy taunt that there was nothing she could do to stop him from attacking another girl, Claire got that devilish look in her eyes and responded, “I can do this,” right before putting the pedal to the metal. She’s my kind of vigilante, and Heroes is my kind of show. That said, a few burning questions to ponder:

  • What the heck was that “Don’t Give Your Heart to Just Anyone” poster that was not so subtly placed right between Mohinder and Peter (pictured) during their subway ride? Perhaps a hint that pixie-haired Eden isn’t as sweet as she appears? Or maybe it’s sultry Simone (who’s now bedded two of the mutants) who’s not to be trusted?
  • What exactly did Horned Rim Glasses mean when he had Matt strapped to the table, then told his mysterious minion to “Go deep and clean him out”? I don’t think our kind-hearted mind-reader is in for a cleansing coffee colonic!
  • Anyone else notice the hilarious portrait of the Bennett family’s pampered pooch on the stairway?
  • What was with the special delivery of Dr. Suresh’s remains? “UPS! It’s Dad’s ashes!” I don’t think so. Also, is it just me, or are the floppy haired duo of Milo Ventimiglia and Sendhil Ramamurthy the two cast members who might want to consider a little more time with an acting coach?
  • Finally, is it possible that Niki’s alter ego is actually her husband? Note the use of the word “our” when she hissed, “If you threaten our son again, I’m going to put my heel through your skull.” And is the snake-like tattoo on her back the same as the necklace worn by the bald black guy who did, well, something, to Matt?

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