By Annie Barrett
October 16, 2006 at 09:38 PM EDT

I’m going to stick with Brothers & Sisters if it kills me! By the end of the season, it just might. Last night’s episode contained enough melodrama to keep a panic-stricken look on my face at least until Wednesday. Little Paige was diagnosed with diabetes amidst a tearful odyssey that included prayer time in the hospital chapel and ended with a ceremonial toast of “cheap” (yeah right) wine around the kitchen island. There was also the family portrait fiasco (have none of them heard of Photoshop? It’d be so easy to just Google-search Ally McBeal and be done with it), Tommy’s shunning of Justin the Hot Junkie (Dave Annable, pictured), and a three-way brawl among Kitty, Nora, and Kevin that seemed like it was being played out on a stage instead. And there was a lot of sighing. The rich, dysfunctional white people keep sighing! We should feel sorry for them!

I’m most interested to see if Hot Junkie will clean up his act and get to keep his new job as a bellboy. He’s working under a girl from his high school who clearly wants him bad — the only possible explanation for her not firing him after finding him writhing around wasted on the floor. That girl reminds me of Elisha Cuthbert. She looks like she was originally cast to be an exotic dancer but then they changed their minds and dressed her in a power suit instead. It worked!

But, agh! New characters! I’m still having trouble with the originals. Sarah has a stepson? I never noticed. There’s also a very pretty (and consistently acknowleged as such) woman who appears to be Tommy’s wife. She may have had one line, but I can’t even imagine her speaking. Maybe they’ll go into how she became a mute in future episodes. More teary hospital chapel scenes! I’m in!

What’d you think?

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