October 13, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Slezak (2:57:05 PM): Hey, Annie, quick question for ya. Are you going to watch Brothers & Sisters this weekend? I know it loses a big chunk of its Desperate Housewives lead-in, and I know it’s flawed, but I actually really liked the third episode last week.
Barrett (2:57:50 PM): Yes! I did too! I mean, even though Sally Field and Calista’s relationship annoyed me in the first two eps because I thought they were trying too hard, I ended up really digging the sappy ”life and love” lessons they dished out last week.
Slezak (2:59:14 PM): I hear that.
Barrett (3:00:55 PM): ”What kind of love is that?” asked Sally at one point, and I was all, ”I DON’T KNOW, GOOD QUESTION!” I love it when Sally makes me ponder.
Slezak (3:01:34 PM): I love the way every member of Calista’s family tuned in to her talk show, even if they had the volume down.
Barrett (3:02:55 PM): ”Right… let me clean up the kitchen and watch my daughter challenge my beliefs on mute.”
Slezak (3:04:26 PM): You know what else? Brenda is great, too. So glad she’s in a stable relationship now, after everything she went through with Nate.
Barrett (3:05:17 PM): I know, I was going to type out ”I love Rachel Griffiths,” but in my head, I always say Brenda…or ”Bren” as Nate was wont to say.
Slezak (3:06:35 PM): I’m sure Griffiths (pictured) appreciates our typecasting.
Barrett (3:06:50 PM): She loves it.

addCredit(“Rachel Griffiths: Scott Garfield/ABC”)

Slezak (3:07:47 PM): Seriously, though, the sibling dynamic on the showis kind of awesome. It reminds me of my sisters and me — the minuteanyone says ”don’t tell anyone this” it’s like we get a Pavlovianresponse to call each other and dish.
Barrett (3:08:40 PM): The only thing you can depend on is your family.
Slezak (3:08:53 PM): That’s very Sister Sledge.
Barrett (3:09:07 PM): Actually, I was quoting Madonna (for your benefit).
Slezak (3:09:37 PM): OMG, they’re going to revoke my gay card.
Barrett (3:10:41 PM): It must have been a very long week for you to miss a ”Jump” reference.
Slezak (3:12:13 PM): Yes, yes it was.
Barrett (3:12:51 PM): ”Are you ready to jump” back into this convo that was supposed to be about B&S?
Barrett (3:13:09 PM): I CAN HEAR YOU LAUGHING.
Slezak (3:14:25 PM): From down the hall? Um, yes, let’s get back to B&S. Sometimes I can’t tell the bros apart.
Barrett (3:15:01 PM): True, the brothers and the boyfriends ALL LOOK ALIKE.
Slezak (3:16:14 PM): I can sort of tell the gay one.
Barrett (3:16:30 PM): Because you have the ‘dar?
Slezak (3:16:40 PM): Because he’s a better actor.
Barrett (3:17:34 PM): I still get him and the really curly-haired one confused.
Slezak (3:17:59 PM): Calista’s NYC Republican boyfriend is the worst of the clones.
Barrett (3:18:29 PM): He’s so PLASTIC!
Slezak(3:18:51 PM): Balthazar Getty isn’t much better. He has no definedcharacteristics except that break in his one eyebrow. But I like seeinghis fellow Alias alumni, Patricia Wettig and Arvin Sloane.
Barrett (3:19:12 PM): Oh wow, Arvin Sloane was on Alias? What was his character’s name?
Slezak (3:20:01 PM): Snap!
Barrett (3:20:46 PM): Similarly, my mom’s really excited because Patricia Wettig is from thirtysomething. She also hates the way Saul’s nickname is ”Saulie.” Maybe it confuses her with Sally. Can we please start referring to Sally by her character’s name?
Slezak (3:21:40 PM): No! It’s Brenda, Sally, and Calista.
Barrett (3:21:52 PM): 4-eva!
Slezak (3:22:35 PM): Anyway, how do we get everyone to watch this week?
Barrett (3:22:56 PM):Two words: hot junkie.
Slezak (3:23:35 PM): Anyone tell you that you could have a future in marketing?

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