October 11, 2006 at 07:19 PM EDT

If finalist Jeffrey Sebelia has proven anything on Project Runway, it’s that (1) he hates Angela; and (2) he is a piattola — as the Italians say, a pain in the neck. (Or a crab louse, depending on the context.) Which brings us to Jeffrey’s neck… and to that massive eyesore of a tattoo over which I’ve been obsessing for weeks.

”Harrison Detroit… Il’amor de la mia vita.” His son’s name, followed by the phrase ”love of my life,” as he told Catherine Malandrino before using an insufferable amount of plaid to craft a couture gown. Sounds Italian, right? Sebelia — that’s Italianesque. Now, I don’t pretend to speak la lingua like a native, but… it’s not correct. The Italian would be l’amore della mia vita. (Note the ”e” on amore and the contraction della.)

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So is it French? Lots of message boards say, oui, c’est français. But French speakers on the EW staff — merci, Missy Schwartz — confirmed that would have been l’amour de ma vie. Spanish? Creo que no. That would be el amor de mi vida. And P.S. It’s not Portuguese.

Did Jeffrey spend eight hours getting drilled in the esophagus in vain? Or is it just that rock-and-rollers prefer glamour to grammar? Mente indagatrice — inquring minds — want to know.

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