By Michael Slezak
Updated October 11, 2006 at 08:29 PM EDT
Sean Combs: Frazer Harrison/Getty Image

If you haven’t been to Diddy’s new YouTube channel — which at this point appears to be little more than a low-budget ad campaign for Burger King and the rap mogul’s latest disc, Press Play — well, consider yourself lucky. As MTV News reports, most YouTube user comments about the new joint venture have been, um, less than kind, and spawned the inevitable string of parodies (like this one from LisaNova and her local fruit stand). But what did Diddy expect, declaring thatAmerica’s No. 2 burger chain has named him ”the king of music andfashion”? Perhaps he should have tweaked the lyrics to his old single”D.I.D.D.Y.” to explain his motivation. (Click here if you want to try out PopWatch’s sample lyrics over the Neptunes patented beats.)

Sometimes I eat slow, sometimes I eat quick
I was at B-K with a Croissanwich
Chillin’ with a dude
Named Dennis Hopper
Both of us were jonesin’ for nice Double Whoppers
We wasn’t fond of Big Macs
Only wanted Whoppers, a whole sack
Havin’ it your way, that’s a fact
So what you trying to tell me dear
I got YouTube channel, apocalypse is near
And I just want to cross-promote
I’m talkin’ literally rock the vote
My repertoire is free fast food
I’m the king of fashion, baby it’s all good
And it ain’t no stopping this
I can’t help it I’m an opportunist
Makin’ you bounce to Danity Kane
Understand the true meaning of pain
Now say my name

It’s the Y the O the U the T the U
The B the E and me
It’s YouTube, (Hold Up) It’s YouTube (That’s crazy)
With the D the I the D the D the Y
The D the I the D
It’s Diddy, (Hold Up), It’s Diddy (Say What!)

addCredit(“Sean Combs: Frazer Harrison/Getty Image”)