When the feds raid Heylia, she's gotten religion; plus, Doug and Celia kiss and make up

By Hannah Tucker
Updated October 10, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT


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”Weeds”: Heylia gets raided

All right, maybe Peter really is a DEA agent. But I’m confused: I thought he was just going to use Heylia to get to U-Turn, lean on her a little bit, good-cop style? Seems to me that kind of thing wouldn’t require a crack team (ooh, DEA humor) of agents with guns. Still, without the dramatic entrance, stumbling upon Joseph in the middle of a religious service wouldn’t have been nearly as funny. Feigning obedience, Heylia barely even looks Peter in the eye, which certainly wouldn’t have been the case if she knew he compared her to a worm in the last episode. Then Nancy and Peter fight about Nancy tipping off Heylia, who gave who the Armenians — typical newlywed stuff.

Nancy doesn’t seem very invested in the argument (or mending the rift), and it turns out she has other things on her mind. Silas, Shane, and Andy are planning an Almond Joy-and-chicken-parm-filled birthday celebration for Judah, and Nancy would prefer not to deal with the memory of her husband and all the guilt and pain it manages to bring to the surface. It’s a bad day for the Botwins: Silas is justifiably angry, Shane knows a lot of things that are probably keeping him up at night, poor kid, and Nancy once again feels like a terrible mother.

Continuing the betrayal theme from last week, Celia and Doug — perhaps because they’ve realized they totally deserve each other, perhaps because they both have the self-control of a hamster — add a little love to their love-hate relationship on the ex-councilman’s desk. If word of this little infidelity gets out, Celia will have to bring a lot more than a bottle of Grey Goose to the council table to keep her job. Maybe she could invite Snoop Dogg — I’d really like to see him become a regular on the show.

At least the kids are all right. Silas has some issues to work through, sure, but ”kick ass” Shane is finally getting a little glory at school, and Isabelle has a little more self-confidence (and a lot more cash) thanks to her incredibly cheesy Huskaroos commercials. Now we can just sit back, relax, and wait for their lying, cheating, well-meaning, or hopelessly misguided parental units to screw it all up.

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