I know, I know, PopWatch has already discussed the perplexing lack of airplay for Madonna’s post-”Hung Up” singles from her mighty fine Confessions on a Dancefloor set. And yet, almost a year after the album’s release, Madge is still looking for some chart love with a new video for the album’s fourth single, ”Jump.” (Click here to see it on YouTube.) I am sorry to report it’s a thuddingly literal clip; I mean, can you imagine if the ”Take a Bow” video featured shot after shot of hoodie-clad hipsters taking bows? Or if ”Frozen” had followed dozens of urban dwellers refilling their ice-cube trays? Forget about low concept, we’re talking no concept! For all the money spent capturing footage of impressive rooftop leaps, I wish Madonna had chosen instead to offer us a visually sumptuous slice of storytelling, something along the lines of ”Express Yourself” or ”Bedtime Story.”

That said, at least Madonna’s hung up the leotard and the Valerie Cherish ‘do for a striking blonde bob and a black leather number that reminds us all that her 48-year-old body still looks better than yours (and mine). And as far as ”Jump” goes, it’s got a killer beat, an actual melody (remember those?), and a nice little message about self-empowerment, complete with a tree metaphor. Which, of course, means there’s probably not a radio station in America that’ll play it. Sigh. Too bad girlfriend didn’t swallow her pride and call in a Sacha Baron Cohen cameo, eh?