Iconic Movie Locations -- The real lives of famous cinematic places featured in ''Mulholland Drive,'' ''Reservoir Dogs'' and others

By EW Staff
Updated October 06, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Third Man
The Prater Wheel ? VIENNA, AUSTRIA
”Of course we know the film [The Third Man] — it’s a cult film here. We’re very flexible when guests come to us with special requests…. You can even get married in one of the Ferris wheel cars we rent out. The owner has a villa in Florida where we go after a good business season, so we hope American tourists will visit us as well.” — Ingo Dopplinger, spokesman for Das Wiener Riesenrad

Marathon Man
Central Park ? NEW YORK CITY
”I wouldn’t mind emulating Dustin Hoffman’s marathon habits, but I would not want to have my teeth drilled by a Nazi doctor [as Hoffman’s character’s were]. Dustin Hoffman was a young pup back then and…any runner who runs in Central Park should feel a kinship with movies like that and others that have been shot here.” — Peter Dodenhoff, runner in Central Park

The French Connection
86th Street Train Overpass ? BROOKLYN
”[The French Connection] was from around here? It’s a good film — I’ve seen better. When the train passes by [overhead], you totally can’t hear anything. I hate this train. I’ve never known anyone to actually try and race one of the trains in a car, but there’s some crazy bum to do just about everything [in this town].” — Gregory Baranik, office manager of Five Star Auto Repair

Independence Day
Second Street Tunnel ? LOS ANGELES
”I worked on both Independence Day and Godzilla; it was the same director, Roland Emmerich. We shot one end of the tunnel for Independence Day and we shot the other end of the tunnel for Godzilla. They don’t look the same at all. One end looks like you’re in one place and then you go to the other end and you’re in another part of the world. For Independence, we shot the heartrending moment when the dog just narrowly escapes. He’s the last one to get in the doorway inside the tunnel.” — Kenneth Fix, location manager for Independence Day and Godzilla

Blade Runner
Bradbury Building ? LOS ANGELES
”The architect who took on this project was a draftsman, and history goes that his brother — who had passed away — sent a message through a Ouija board that this assignment [would] make him famous. The building was completely restored after the film was done. [It] had been run-down and probably had been vacant for a while. We have had several requests for weddings — fanatics of the Blade Runner movie [who] feel they have to be married [here], but we don’t want to interfere with our tenants’ business…. The major tenant in the building is the Los Angeles Police Department Internal Affairs Group.” — Eric Bender, vice president of asset management, Downtown Properties

L.A. Confidential
”When tourists come in, usually their first question is ‘Where was the Lana Turner table?’ But we have a good following of regulars that are working actors, [and] I think we get just as many people coming in wanting to do film shoots. With [movies like] L.A. Confidential it gets expensive, because my policy is to tack on staff wages and first-round drinks for all of my regulars. People always want to hear some dirt [about the production], but that’s such an ambiguous question. Is there dirt? This is Hollywood — are you kidding me?” — Vincent Jung, owner and manager of the Formosa Cafe

Mulholland Dr.
Mulholland Drive ? LOS ANGELES
”We definitely promote it as one of L.A.’s best drives. In terms of visitor/tourist requests, Mulholland is probably second behind Sunset Boulevard. [People know about Mulholland] because of the movie, and then [they come and see] the views, because you’re so high up you can see more of L.A. Also, because it’s linked [in people’s minds] with movie-star homes. It does go through the Hollywood Hills.” — Robin McCain, media relations manager for the L.A. Convention and Visitors Bureau

Reservoir Dogs
Park Plaza Hotel ? LOS ANGELES
”A lot of commercials and a lot of movies [are shot] here. People say, ‘Oh! I saw the room in that film!’ It’s true all over the building. I remember when they filmed [Dogs] here. They brought in one of the K-9 dogs [for the scene] — the special training dogs. And I knew one of the guys from the K-9 place, so we were talking…. But I never saw the movie.” — Ricardo Ramos, general manager at the Park Plaza Hotel