On ''Laguna Beach,'' a holiday party helps end lying Kyndra's ridiculous relationship with Tyler; meanwhile, Rocky and Alex profess their love

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”Laguna Beach”: Giving love a bad name

So like how do you have the balls to blatantly lie, over and over again, when you’re living your life on camera? No, seriously, Kyndra, I’d actually like to know. I realize all reality-show stars say you forget you’re being filmed and all that, but still. Kyndra admitted flat out that she hooked up last week with Cameron (okay, technically with ”anyone,” but come on), then spent all of this week defiantly denying it to BF Tyler. Tyler’s still completely devoid of personality, incidentally, but we must at least give him credit for not being dumb enough to believe her.

Kyndra and Cameron are made for each other, no? How much fun would it be to see who would cheat on and lie to whom first if they actually made a go of it as a legit couple?

The most important question of all: When is poor Nick W. going to get promoted beyond being labeled ”Cameron’s friend” in those handy on-screen identifier tags that pop up? He gets more screen time — and way, way, way more one-liners — than that damn Lexie. To wit: His retort to Cameron’s ”You suck at basketball” as they shot some hoops? ”You suck at life.” I’m telling you, multiple layers here: excellent parallel structure, funny, and true to boot.

Hey, don’t you totally hate when you’re decorating for a huge Valentine’s Day dinner party and your rose petals get all clustered in the corner of the pool? Ugh, so annoying. Nothing was going Tyler’s way this V-Day.

Tessa was her usual hard-luck-in-love case as well, just hanging around watching Rocky get ready for her date with Alex. ”Oh, you look so pretty!” Tessa gushed. ”I hate you!” (Sweet though she is, I sorta believed her on that one. This girl just can’t get a break.) Rocky was all about hearing the big L-word from Alex, which led us to the best dramatic (read: squirmily adolescently awkward) dialogue of the evening:

Alex, observing her bracelet: What’s that say? Live and love? Do you live and love?

Rocky: I love you.

Alex: Do you? [Looong pause.] I love you too.

Rocky: Yeah?

Alex: I think so.

Rocky: How do you know?

Alex: Because I feel it.

Contrast that with this delightful breakup exchange from our little star-crossed Kyndra and Tyler:

Kyndra: Okay, so, we’re done.

Tyler: Uh, yeah.

I have never been more psyched not to be 17 anymore, in both cases.

What do you think? Should Kyndra be legally prohibited from dating? Will Tessa ever find true love? And who’s your favorite supporting character?

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