By Whitney Pastorek
October 04, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Big week online for the Spederline family, as both Brit-Brit and K-Fed toss out some phat new jamz, the tossing of which I’m sure is in no way compromising the time they’re spending rearing their children, btw. No no, it is possible to record mediocre R&B/hip-hop tracks like Kevin’s ”Privilege” (best rhyme: ”I got LA feelin’ like Vegas / Nobody [word unclear; ‘dies’? ‘does’? ‘bars’?] / I’m forgettin’ that I’m famous”) while simultaneously taking time to tend to the care and feeding of two children under the age of 2. And I’m sure that all the effort Britney is putting into her attempts to become a tiger is worth it, especially if it enables her to turn out the exciting 15 second clip of music that follows said transmogrification on her website. (Our buddies at Stereogum have transcribed the lyrics for ya.)

Man. All that awesome music! Now I’m exhausted! And I’m sure you are, too, PopWatchers. Might I suggest an antidote? Here’s my favorite song of the week: Punk cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and their version of ”Goodbye Earl,” off their upcoming album, Love Their Country, due Oct. 17.

And yes, my choice to pair info about Britney Spears and her free-loading husband with a song about a woman killing her husband is 100% coincidental.

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