By Michael Slezak
October 04, 2006 at 07:08 PM EDT

Maybe it was because I was a little groggy from a dose of NyQuil last night (I’m fighting a nasty chest cold…waah!), but I was a little stumped by the use of kittens to override the military security system on last night’s episode of the highly addictive Smith. Yes, I understand the boys had to trip the alarm system five consecutive times to shut it down, but didn’t you find it a tad far-fetched that none of the soldiers at the military base thought to investigate the source of the sudden and frequent appearance of infant felines? No matter, though, I’m not going to complain too bitterly about the pairing of Jonny Lee Miller and small furry creatures. How do you say adorable in British?

Of course, when I first caught sight of sociopathic Jeff (Simon Baker, pictured) slipping Kitty No. 1 under that chain-link fence, I worried he was using it to trigger some kind of land mine or explosive device. Could Jeff be the most unapologetically amoral character on TV? And don’t you just love watching him? Even from behind his plastic mask during last night’s main set piece, you could see his sinister anticipation of shooting up that armored truck. You know deep down dude was bummed that both of the security guards ducked.

addCredit(“Smith: Cliff Lipson/CBS”)

Considering Jeff’s nastiness, I always find it odd that he doesn’tseem remotely interested in his female counterpart, Amy Smart’s Annie,even when she’s very unsubtly choosing to slip on her panties right upin his grill. (She nasty!) Seriously, though, I think she’s onlyinterested in Jeff because he’s the one guy who won’t succumb to hersleazy charms. But any woman who can get caught flipping through hersugar daddy/financial advisor’s wallet and turn it into flirty foreplaydeserves whatever she gets — good, bad, or otherwise. And with a veryappealing cast of FBI agents on her tail (including Jillian Armenante, so memorable with only a line or two per week) her comeuppance may be arriving sooner than anticipated.

What did you think of last night’s Smith? How do we ensurethis nasty little gem stays on the airwaves? And am I the only one notbuying the Joe-Macy romantic/rescuer plotline?