By Scott Brown
October 03, 2006 at 09:17 PM EDT

Dear Vera Farmiga,

Know who I’m crushing on today? You, that’s who. You’re a unique but underutilized screen presence, one who’s had the chops to transcend mere Scullyness in USA’s short-lived Touching Evil, the grit to play a traumatized ex-slave in Roar, and the sheer wild-eyed crazypantsitude to bring off Wayne Kramer’s Ritalin-starved Jersey hellride Running Scared. You won a slew of indiefilm awards for your searing portrayal of a junkie in the little-seen Down to the Bone (which, thankfully, will be rescued from obscurity via DVD on Oct. 31). You’re the only thing I like about Anthony Minghella’s upcoming Breaking and Entering — and you’re only in it for 10 minutes. And in this week’s The Departed, you’re seductive enough to woo both Matt Damon (pictured, with Farmiga) and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mainly, I’m just saying: You’re great. You’re protean. You’re super interesting to look at. And you’ve got an un-self-consciousness about you that makes your work really pop on screen. Let’s see more of you!

Also, call me.


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