By Michael Slezak
Updated October 02, 2006 at 09:19 PM EDT
Credit: Sunshine Anderson: John Ricard/Retna

Remember Sunshine Anderson? Remember her saucy 2001 hit, “Heard It All Before”? And remember how she went “poof!” and disappeared shortly after that song exited the charts? Well, good news, PopWatchers: Anderson is back with a jaunty new single and video called “Something I Wanna Give You,” (playing at the Beauty N the Beat blog) and just like that, she’s reclaimed her status as the go-to R&B diva for woman-done-wrong anthems. (I’ve been humming her “Get your coat/ Get your hat/ Get your knapsack” line all morning.)

Anyhow, with Sunshine (hopefully) poised for a comeback, it got me thinking about all the other one-hit wonders of the world who deserve a second chance at stardom. At the tippy-top of my list (just edging out Imani Coppola) is Deee-Lite; I still listen to their World Clique, Infinity Within, and Dewdrops in the Garden discs on a regular basis, and I’m always amazed by how fresh and current they sound (even though the first of those CDs is 16 years old). The only thing that amazes me more, though, is that “Groove Is in the Heart” was Deee-Lite’s only big hit. Which brings me to the question: If you could give a major-label contract to any one-hit wonder, who would it be, and why? Give a shout-out to your favorite forgotten artists in the comments section below.

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