By Michael Slezak
Updated October 02, 2006 at 06:44 PM EDT

Desperate Housewives

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This just in from the Department of Recycled Plotlines: Yeah, I know the two most recent episodes of Desperate Housewives have been a vast improvement over lackluster season 2, but I’ve gotta ask: How many different ways can Gaby lose a baby? First, she gets knocked down a flight of stairs and miscarries. Next, she’s forced to give up custody of her adopted infant to its birth parents. And then last night (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t yet watched), she discovers her fertility clinic erroneously implanted another woman’s embryo into her own surrogate’s womb. What’s next, an alien abduction? While I’d follow the hilarious Eva Longoria all the way to an According to Jim crossover episode (something I hope ABC never dreams up), a word of warning to the Housewives writing team: Insanity is giving your viewers the same story arc over and over again, and expecting them not to change the channel.

Meanwhile, from the beloved Grey’s Anatomy comes word that Eric Dane (a.k.a. McSteamy) is joining the cast full time, and while another set of rock-hard abs never hurt a prime-time soap opera, I’d like to review the Grey’s central-story-arc playbook from the show’s premiere to the present: Addison cheats on McDreamy with McSteamy. McDreamy leaves Addison. McDreamy has affair with Meredith. Addison and McDreamy reunite. McDreamy cheats on Addison with Meredith. Addison leaves McDreamy. Addison has affair with McSteamy. Okay, seriously? Anyone else see a pattern here? All I’m saying is this: If Shonda Rhimes & Co. try to pull an ”Addison and Derek reunite” anytime between now and November sweeps, I’m going to be hella irritable. It’s not just me, right? And does anyone else out there want to see an Anti-Recycling Referendum in Hollywood come Election Day?

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