By Dawnie Walton
October 02, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Some people wait foreeeeeever… for a moment like this! That’s right, dawgs — I’m finally getting around to posting the answer to last week’s HeadScratcher. Some of your answers were a little pitchy for me, though…

If that cheesy opener isn’t hint enough: Generally, American Dreams, Boston Public, CSI, Fear Factor, and The Surreal Life have all featured appearances by American Idol alums. Specifically, they’ve all starred season 1 contenders. Kelly Clarkson played Brenda Lee on an episode of American Dreams (pictured). (Yes, Fantasia had a guest spot too, but we’re all about season 1 — which, not so coincidentally, is being re-broadcast on American Idol Rewind. Pay attention to pegs, people!) Anyway… Tamyra Gray popped up in Boston Public. Ryan Starr and Christina Christian both appeared on CSI, and Starr did The Surreal Life too. And Nikki McKibbin got extreme on Fear Factor. (So did later contestants Anthony Fedorov and Carmen Rasmusen, but again… season 1!)

Gold stars for those of you who guessed the specific angle! Well, not gold stars. More like those crazy little digital ones that are sometimes known as asterisks… next to your names, after the jump! (Plus: My favorite e-mail, from the very loyal and brilliant Patrick A. Yearout.)

addCredit(“America Dreams: Everett Collection”)

Steve Bell
Brett Colbo *
Connie L. Chilton *
Megan Cullerton *
Amanda Fulcher
Devin Fuller
Amy Glidewell
Cassie Jade
Paul Johnson
Patrick Kelly
Shane Kwinter
Lori Lamb
Maribeth Macaisa
Jen Morris
Luis Pelaez *
Mary Beth Revesz
Harold Reynolds *
Jeff Rye *
Natalie Sacco *
Lanny Tuchmayer *
Jan Willemsen *

And finally, Patrick A. Yearout *, who offers this amusing anecdote:

”Did I ever tell you that I once sat next to the cast of the first American Idol at the movies?  They were on tour in November 2002, and on one of their off-nights between concerts, my friend and I got to sit next to them at a showing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at the Cinerema in downtown Seattle. They all had secret code names for one another so they wouldn’t call each other by their real names and attract attention, but I only remember that Nikki McKibbin’s was ‘Helen Back’ (she was also wearing a pretty unforgettable Hello Kitty half-shirt that was a wee bit obscene).”