By Amy Ryan
Updated September 28, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
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This season, there are so many good TV series on at the same time, it’s hard to watch them all, or even to program your TiVo to record them all. At least the networks have started helping you catch up via reruns airing on their sister cable channels and streaming on their websites. Still, it’s tough to plan your evening of viewing, recording, and streaming if you don’t know where to find all the alternative ways to catch tonight’s shows.

That’s why, as a public service, PopWatch will offer periodic TV Traffic Jam reports to help you untangle a given night’s pile-up of worthy shows. For starters, tonight, how will you navigate the swamp from 8 to 9, which involves My Name Is Earl and The Office on NBC, Ugly Betty on ABC, ‘Til Death on Fox, Smallville on the CW, and Survivor on CBS? Here’s how: You could also catch Ugly Betty tomorrow night on ABC Family, and you’ll be able to watch Survivor online at From 9 to 10, there’s a showdown among CSI (CBS), Deal or No Deal (NBC), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Celebrity Duets (Fox), and Supernatural (CW), but Grey’s is also airing again tomorrow night on ABC. At 10, it’s Shark on CBS, Six Degrees on ABC, and ER on NBC, but Six Degrees, like the rest of tonight’s ABC lineup, will be streaming later at

Check back with PopWatch for frequent TV Traffic Jam updates.

TV Traffic Jam

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