By Scott Brown
September 28, 2006 at 06:44 PM EDT

Got to hand it to Tina Fey and the team at 30 Rock: They don’t do anything halfway. In preparation for the launch of that other meta-SNL show (the one that’s an actual comedy), they’ve mocked up some movie posters featuring fictitious bigscreen comic Tracy Jordan (played by the very real Tracy Morgan): Who Dat Ninga? [sic] and Black Cop, White Cop. (”One does the duty. The other gets the booty.”) On the show, these flicks are harbingers of horrors to come; Jordan, avolatile industry joke, is being foisted on showrunner Liz (Fey) as the newfrontman for her long-running late-night sketch show. Both faux-films are chillingly plausible, and, knowing Hollywood, they’ll probably be picked for distribution on the strength of these images alone.

(Click on the jump to see the ”Who Dat Ninga?” poster.)

I’ve got a soft spot for funny-bad promo syntax (”Tracy Jordan is… Who Dat Ninga?”) and funny-bad whiteface (Black Cop, White Copmakes Dave Chappelle’s trademark powder-job look RickBaker-impeccable); but I’m especially intrigued by these fake credits.Producer ”Kevin Landon Raper” has an Internet Movie Databasedoppelganger, one ”Kevin L. Raper,” from the art department of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. (Oh, to be a ”Raper” on SVU — how wonderfully awkward.) Writer ”Claire Hewitt” is actually a casting director, and costumer ”Edward Briggs” is a L&Oset decorator. Are these NBC inside jokes? Is that why I feel left out?Have I been staring too long at a poster for a fake movie called Who Dat Ninga?

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