Owen Wilson, Wedding Crashers

The Frat Pack, loosely identified as Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and all those other dudes who make movies together, died earlier this month. Cause of death was variously identified as backstabbing, neglect, seismic changes in the movie business, and Jim Carrey. The service will be closed-casket.

Yup, it’s over — and right at its peak. The ha-ha factory constructed by UTA agent Nick Stevens and his associates, managers Jimmy Miller and Eric Gold, has been losing high-profile clients, most recently Carrey. His departure to CAA (allegedly orchestrated by Gold himself) has reportedly opened an unbridgeable rift between Stevens, Miller and Gold, all of whom are in the process of removing each other from their speed-dials. So they’re not going to be putting together Anchorman 2: Electric Boogaloo anytime soon.

The Frat Pack was like a pro sports dynasty, with each memberearning the pay equivalent of his own Los Angeles Laker. Which was partof the problem. Studios see comedies as bargains, but the budget forthe Stiller-Carrey vehicle Used Guys, which Fox killed mere days before shooting, was ballooning to $112 million. Ripley’s Believe It or Not may have fallen apart at Paramount for similar reasons. Even with Wedding Crashers (pictured) and Talladega Nightsdoing bang up business, the infrastructure of the comedy machine wasquietly corroding, and CAA will be picking up the pieces. (BeforeCarrey, it had already snatched away Ferrell.)

So does this mean you’ll never see your favorite men-childrentogether again? Of course not. While most are moving towards soloprojects anyway (the average comedy budget can only afford one),they’ll almost certainly find ways of collaborating, if they want to.Or CAA will just poach them all and package them by the case. In thefuture, that may be the only way the increasingly cash-poor studios arewilling to buy them. Used Guys, indeed.