By Scott Brown
September 25, 2006 at 08:11 PM EDT

Thanks to Ron Howard and playwright Peter Morgan, you will have Nixon to kick around a little more. Howard just optioned Morgan’s hit London play Frost/Nixon (about British broadcaster David Frost’s 1977 interviews with the ex-president), which stars Frank Langella (pictured) as Nixon and Michael Sheen as Frost.

All of which raises the question: Who oughta be the new Dick? We’ve seen so many different shades of Nixon over the years, including Anthony Hopkins, Dan Hedaya, Beau Bridges, Dan Aykroyd, Christina Ricci, Philip Baker Hall (in Robert Altman’s terrific, barely-known Secret Honor), and somebody named Dr. Jurgen Fauth in something called Ultrachrist! Who can bring nuance, depth, and sympathy to a character who remains, to most of us, a rubber mask and a bad party impression?

I say give it to the Langellator. (Hey, ol’ Frank even made Dave feel politically credible.) Or the actual, historical Skeletor, who I hear is now retired in Teaneck.

So: Has anyone seen Frost/Nixon? Gimme the skinny. And tell me who you think oughta play The Trickster.

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