By Michael Slezak
Updated September 21, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

I have just scientifically proven beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt that you can indeed get too much of a good thing. Case in point: I haven’t yet fully digested the new Scissor Sisters CD sitting on my desk — nor the Fergie disc that, like a McGriddle, is bizarre yet tasty, and also gets covered by a stack of papers any time a coworker comes into my office — and already there’s four artists streaming online who are competing for my very limited ear schedule. (BTW, ”ear schedule” is the new ”ear delicious”; do try to work it in to casual conversation.)

First up, the indispensable Beauty N the Beat has four song snippets from the one CD I’m most excited about for fall: Fantasia’s not-yet-titled sophomore release. Granted, the title ”Baby-Makin Hips” is tres alarming, but are you gonna sit there and tell me you don’t love the lyrics? Come on, ”See that wobble-wobble/Shaped just like a cola bottle” is the best ode to bootyliciousness since ”I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.” Not only that, the beat is so hot that if it doesn’t get you up and out of your chair, then I implore you to head to the pharmacy for a bottle of Vitamin Soul. My only problem with the track is that I can’t I.D. the horn sample in the background. Help a blogger out, folks! Anyone?

Meanwhile, on the other end of the musical spectrum, Chris Cornell’snew Casino Royale theme, ”’You Know My Name,” is playing over at Breakfast at Tiffany’s blog. (Click here to listen.) Mind you, as Bond themes go, it’s no ”Goldfinger,” but on the flip side, it’s no ”The World Is Not Enough,” either. Am I right?

Finally, the latest CDs from Janet Jackson and Ludacrisare streaming respectively at BET and MTV. I’ve been trying ragefullyand unsuccessfully to get them to play for the last half-hour, butsince I’m now approaching the ”hurl-something-out-the-window” ragethreshold, I will leave it to you, technically savvy readers, to listenand to judge. Me, I’ll indulge in a little ”What’s Your Fantasy” and try again later, after my blood-pressure returns to normal.