By Michael Slezak
September 20, 2006 at 06:11 PM EDT
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It’s kind of hard to believe the fall TV season is upon us with my favorite summer escape, Project Runway, still reaching its crescendo: The field will soon narrow to three. Tonight’s episode is, inexplicably, a repeat (thanks for the heads-up, Lauren!) — so while we wait for next week, let’s size up the remaining designers, shall we?

Now if I were in ultra-foxy judge Nina Garcia’s chair — not that I’d ever risk her mesmerizingly icy disdain by suggesting I’m fit to do so — I’d give the coveted Fashion Week berths to Michael, Laura, and Jeffrey. Of those three, Michael is the obvious choice, thanks to his consistently innovative, female-friendly fashions (and his general adorableness), while Jeffrey rates a nod for being unapologetically monstrous — both as a designer and as a human being. Sure, he’s only dazzled twice (on the recycling and jetsetter challenges), but what fun is a spectator sport without someone to root against? As for Laura, I know her detractors say she’s one-note, but I contend the woman simply has a strong point of view. Take a look at her stunning Katharine Hepburn pants, flirty black-and-white cocktail frock, and fabulously glamorous week 1 coat and tell me she’s not versatile (let alone the only hope to give Michael a run for his throne).

That leaves popular Uli as my pick to get auf‘d. Granted, she rarely cooks up a stinker — but how hard is that, really, considering that week after week, Uli has done little more than serve up variations on the breezy halter dress with rope-braid details? If this were Project Drape A Model in Yards of Gauzy Prints, she’d be a shoo-in, but for the love of Anna Wintour, even on weeks where she’s picked solid colors (see the above photos), Uli’s designs look shockingly similar. Is she capable of serving up pants? Body-conscious tops? How about sleeves? Who knows, but this far into the competition, I think it’s too late for her to prove it. How about you, PopWatchers? Who do you think should receive Heidi’s kiss of death next, and why?

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