Dane Cook would kill to work with Halle Berry -- The ''Employee of the Month'' star dreams about the ''X-Men'' actress

By EW Staff
Updated September 15, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Halle Berry is gorgeous and I am in love with her. I have dreams about her every night,” declares stand-up comedian Dane Cook, star of October’s Employee of the Month. And what exactly have these dreams led to? ”Here’s the pitch: The movie is called Kiss and we have to keep kissing for two hours or the bomb in our heads will go off. It’s the only way to save a bus full of children or something. We have the wires in our mouths, and we have to keep kissing until we figure out how to cut the red wire with a certain molar-tongue combo move. I’m going to write that. That sounds awesome. I think she’d consider it. It couldn’t be worse than Catwoman.”