Bob Dylan's ''Modern Times'' looks a lot like Luna's ''Hedgehog'' -- The same photograph is on the two album covers

By Michael Endelman
Updated September 15, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Bob Dylan’s ”Modern Times” looks a lot like Luna’s ”Hedgehog”

Bob Dylan borrowed the title for his new CD from the classic Charlie Chaplin movie. But did he borrow the album art, too? As several bloggers have pointed out, the photo on his chart-topping new release, Modern Times, also appears on Hedgehog, a 1995 EP from the defunct band Luna. The image in question is Taxi, New York Night, a 1947 photo by the late photographer Ted Croner. Dylan declined to comment, but his album’s designer, Geoff Gans, told EW in an e-mail: ”I’m really surprised! I really liked Luna…but never saw that release. I’m fairly sure Bob never saw that release either…. Strange things happen every day.” Luna’s Dean Wareham, meanwhile, isn’t upset. ”I’d like to think that Dylan saw [our EP]. It would be flattering,” he says. ”But I doubt it.”