By Whitney Pastorek
Updated September 14, 2006 at 09:34 PM EDT

As a friend of mine put it the otherday: “Garden State + absolutely nothing = The Last Kiss.” Even though ZachBraff didn’t write and direct this time, he does star in this movieabout, yes, an angsty 30-ish dude who is charmed by a younger brunettesprite of a girl who opens him up and teaches him how to love again. Orsomething. Okay, I haven’t seen it.

But I have seen the track listing forits soundtrack, which is the part Braff did all by himself, and thosefamiliar with his Grammy-winning “mix tape” for Garden State will nodoubt be thrilled. (If your life wasn’t saved by the Shins– or hadalready been saved by the Shins, pre-Garden State, feel free to skipthe rest of this post.)

Check out the Garden State soundtrack’shome page here and the Last Kisssoundtrack’s MySpace page here (yes! you can be its friend!). Note the reappearance of Coldplay, CaryBrothers, and Remy Zero, as well as the use of a 7-year-old Fiona Applesong, and the lack of anything particularly earth-shatteringly fresh andunexpected. Put them together and what do you get? A platinum record,my friends. A platinum record that could put squirrels to sleep.

What bands/singers should have been onthis soundtrack instead, PopWatchers? Here, I’ll start: Margot andthe Nuclear So & Sos. Laura Viers. Rogue Wave. Your turn.

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: Also, watch Just a Minute, Dave Karger’s new mini-talk show,for his interview with Braff from the Toronto Film Festival.]