Nixon: Kobal Collection
September 13, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Who gets your vote as the best ‘president’ on DVD?

What do you think is the best presidential film? FYI, I love Truman. —Tesy Kaye

You mean the 1995 TV movie with Gary Sinise as Harry S.? He was very good indeed. As far as other great presidents on DVD go, you can’t beat Henry Fonda in John Ford’s Young Mr. Lincoln (yes, I know it’s about Lincoln’s life just before he became president, but still…) and Anthony Hopkins’ strangely accurate performance in Nixon (1995). As far as fictional presidents go, I vote for Michael Douglas in Aaron Sorkin’s walk-up to The West Wing, The American President (1995), and Martin Sheen as the president in The West Wing itself!

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