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”Nip/Tuck”: Looking for recruits

Now that Nip/Tuck has gotten back to its roots, there’s no reason Christian shouldn’t get back to his old behavior, which means hanging with naked women. Christian’s main story line involved a sweet stripper named Blu Mondae who actually wanted a breast reduction. Not since Soleil Moon ”Punky Brewster” Frye have I been so surprised by a woman asking for this procedure.

In less humorous news, the poster boy for sullen and withdrawn, Matt, finally showed his oddly androgynous face. I feel that with each season Matt looks more and more like Michael Jackson. Am I alone here? It seems Matt has been channeling his inner rage into working out in the garage, so to get him out of the house, Sean and Julia give him a gym membership. As luck would have it, Kimber works out at the same gym, and fitness isn’t her only new hobby: She has become a Scientologist. Hmmm. There’s a Scientology story line, and Brooke Shields has guest-starred? Although I’m guessing Tom Cruise doesn’t watch Nip/Tuck, this new season probably wouldn’t please him very much.

Sean offered free plastic surgery to his neighborhood barista, a man with a severely deformed face. The operation was, of course, a way for Sean to deal with his unborn child’s own handicap. Sean and Julia’s daughter, Annie, also was looking for an outlet for her feelings about the new baby. Her choice was to mutilate her dolls and bandage up her own hands. This story line has the potential to be quite interesting. What does a plastic surgeon do when one of his children is revealed to be disfigured?

Instead of referring to this as the show’s fourth season, I’m going to start calling it the Season of Butts. The first two episodes have had gratuitous booty shots, and I have a feeling this trend will continue. Last night’s bum du jour was of guest star Richard Chamberlain’s on-screen boyfriend, played by Thad Luckinbill. Love that name! Anyways, he dropped trou in front of Christian, and the good doctor beat the snot out of him. Obviously, someone needs to tell Christian what season it is.

Now for the most juicy twist of the night: Jacqueline Bissett feeling up Sanaa Lathan in the parking lot! What the hell is going on there? First, Sanaa gives Jackie B. a huge load of cash, and then they start smooching. I love how the only lesbian on the show, Liz, is the one who saw them.

What do you think? What exactly is Bissett’s relationship to Lathan and her hubby, Larry Hagman? Will Matt really become a Scientologist? And how much longer is Christian going to freak out over the suggestion that he might be gay?

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