By Whitney Pastorek
September 12, 2006 at 05:58 PM EDT

Dear The Today Show,

When is Meredithcoming? I know from your ads that she is imminent. Also, I know that sheis the “mother of the year” and likes to “spice things up!” And thatAnn Curry is doing a remarkablejob of keeping lasers from shooting out of her eyes every time she saysMeredith’s name.  But what I don’t know is WHY IT IS TAKING SO LONG FORHER TO GET HERE.

Yes, yes. We know she gets heretomorrow. (Come back tomorrow morning for PopWatch’s take on Meredith’s first day.) It has been beaten into our skulls with the weight of athousand boiling sledghammers. But what we’d like to do is look back atthe inanity of the Today show of summer 2006. They showed a montage thismorning of all the anchors who have wandered through their outdoor dog-and-pony show over the course of the summer, and it was staggering. Itwas like the senior slide show at church camp. I’m surprised theydidn’t accompany it with Green Day’s maudlin “Time of Your Life (Good Riddance).” Look! There’s David Gregory doing somethingwacky!  Look! There’s Al Roker doing something equally wacky!  Look!There’s some random, vaguely ethnic brunette girl we had on for a weekthat one time! Look! There’s Matt Lauer acting pleasantly amused by allof it when you know all he’s thinking is “When can I get back to thegym to work my abs?”! Look! Ann Curry isstill keeping it in check, my God, she’s BRILLIANT!

What was your favorite moment from thislong, hot summer in Today, PopWatchers? (If you don’t say “That onetime Whitney was on talking about Tom Cruise,” you are dead to me.)And could they have drawn out this Vieira Watch (OMG 23 HOURS AND 8MINUTES) any longer? And do any of you even care anymore?