By Amy Ryan
Updated September 11, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

NBC apparently doesn’t mind that stepchild Bravo is rooting for all the broadcast network’s new fall shows to fail. Bravo’s BrilliantButCancelled website is running DeathWatch – Fall ’06, an ongoing pool where participants guess which new shows will get yanked, and in which order. They’re pretty serious about this: Each week’s winner gets a video iPod, and the grand prize is a 37-inch flat screen HDTV. Right now, the site’s oddsmakers say Fox’s Happy Hour and ABC’s Men in Trees are the two shows most likely to be axed, which I think is about right. CBS’ Shark, the James Woods legal drama that will follow CSI on Thursdays, is deemed the show most likely to last, which I think depends on one’s tolerance for the entertaining but abrasive Woods.

Unfortunately, ABC’s fine Ugly Betty (starring America Ferrara, pictured) is right near the top of the death list. C’mon, it’s based on a show that’s been a hit around the world, and ABC thinks highly enough of it to schedule it on Thursdays at 8 opposite Survivor (CBS) and The Office and My Name Is Earl (NBC). Plus, I’ve seen the pilot, and it’s really good. So go to DeathWatch (and to ABC on Thursdays) and vote for some other show to die.

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