By Amy Ryan
September 11, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s all about the Elizabeths, or whoever it is who appears on £100 notes. Looks like Sean Combs can’t call himself Diddy in England anymore, thanks to this obscure British music producer who’s already been using the name since 1992. Thanks to the Britty Diddy’s successful lawsuit, our Puffy has reportedly agreed to drop the name — and £110,000, in an out of court settlement.
Mr. Combs doesn’t seem too worried about the situation. As he was recently quoted in Elle magazine,

I’m still the flyest motherf—er out there. I’m still dictating what’s hot, what the flavor is, what dance should be done. I’m not trying to hold on to my youth — I’m just timeless, I guess.

So at least his ego hasn’t deflated. Still, what’s he going to do next time he’s in London? Just call himself P.? Not that we’d put it past him. Nor has he ever needed any help coming up with new handles. Nonetheless, let’s help him come up with some. Given the Elle quote, how about P. Dictator?

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