We tell you about the new characters on the third season of the hit ABC show

By Dan Snierson
Updated September 08, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Desperate Housewives

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Kyle MacLachlan

After bonding with Susan and Bree, he steered his car into Mike in last season’s finale. Now the dreamy dentist becomes a full-time presence as Bree’s husband and a man of mystery. ”He believes he has found his soul mate,” says MacLachlan. But happily ever after doesn’t last long on Wisteria. ”Orson is a mass of contradictions — he appears to be one thing and continually reveals himself to be more than that.”

Dougray Scott

While tending to his comatose wife in the hospital, the English publisher finds an unlikely romance with Susan, who’s been watching over another coma patient, Mike. ”He’s bumbling at times,” says Scott. ”He kind of blossoms after he rediscovers his romantic juices with Susan.” Those still rooting for a Susan-Mike reunion, beware: ”Ian certainly has aspirations for a long-term romantic relationship.”

Josh Henderson

Edie’s no longer the biggest rabble-rouser in her house: her 18-year-old bad-boy nephew moves in with her and pursues a romance with Susan’s daughter, Julie (Andrea Bowen) — much to Susan’s horror. ”He just stirs up trouble right from the get-go,” says Henderson. ”He has this sarcasm about him that’s light and fun. He’s charming, funny, and he doesn’t play like he is, but he’s smart also.”

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Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria Parker, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman star in the soap set on the dangerous Wisteria Lane

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