By Michael Slezak
September 08, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Yeah, we’ve got a ways to go till Oscar — 170 days to be exact — but the folks at the Academy were apparently so jazzed about landing Ellen DeGeneres as their 2007 host that they just had to shout the news from the rafters. Unfortunately for them, however, not everyone (the folks at Gold Derby, for example) shares their enthusiasm about seeing the jaunty daytime talk-show host take on the task that Jon Stewart was widely (and unfairly) panned for last year. Me, though, well, I love me some Ellen, and while I’m not doubting her hosting skillz in the least, I thought perhaps all of us could engage in a little brainstorming session on her behalf. I’ll get the list started; you feel free to keep the suggestions coming.

1. Bring back the Best Song-themed interpretive dance, but build each routine around Ellen. Sure, we’ve all got hazy-terrifying memories of Debbie Allen-esque jazz hands paired to the theme song from Saving Private Ryan (or something like that), but when The Lady DeGeneres busts a move, it’s always comic gold.

2. Get Ellen’s mom to do spot interviews from the audience. Imagine it: Betty DeGeneres getting her flirt on with Jack Nicholson. Guaranteed watercooler moment, right? Plus, it’ll mean that much less screen time for Billy Bush.

Your turn!